Foto von Karpathos, Ostküste
Bilder der Insel Karpathos


The Greek island of Karpathos is situated in the Aegean Sea between Crete and Rhodes. Karpathos covers an area more than 300 km² and is the second largest island of the Greek Dodecanese islands. But even to a lot of Greek people, Karpathos is unknown.
Key information about the island Karpathos is presented here.
Karpathos Wurgunda 2010
Karpathos Wurgunda Greece

More and more photos every year

For the past 13 years we have spent our holidays on Karpathos. Ever since our first visit on the island we have taken hundreds of pictures every year. Our photos portray the authentic pure natural beauty of the island and capture the friendliness of the inhabitants. Over the years we have collected more than five thousand images.
Olympos Karpathos
Our Karpathian friends are bemused by our passion and they are amazed at what the two Germans do every year with the camera.
These photographs keep lasting impressions for us and we invite all visitors to our website to take a virtual trip through Karpathos with the help of 250 of our best pictures.
Impression of Pigadia city.
The harbour with fisher boats.Impression of Pigadia city.

Traditional Greece

Karpathos is a greek island rich in culture and traditions. Till now residents preserve intensively the old traditions of the island. No such other place in Greece has saved so much living traditions like the village Olympos in the north mountain of the island.
In Olympos the women keep house proudly wearing livery. Every Eastern a famous celebration taken place in the village 400 meters above the sea level. The young women get dressed colored traditional costumes with a lot of ornaments. They also present very old jewellery with gold coins.
Goats in front of the blue Aegaen Sea

Amoopi, Lefkos and Arkassa

Villages like Amoopi, Lefkos or Arkasa are not so famous but have a look at the beautiful sunny beaches, the white-blue houses and the wonderful natural landscape.

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Online web booklet

web-Booklet Amoopi
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Karpathos in videos

Videos Karpathos
Here we present the natural beauties of the island Karpathos in excellent High Definition Videos.
Luxury Homes Karpathos

Luxury homes for sale

Karpathos island - SUNRISE construction company build luxury houses on the island of Karpathos.

You can find more details here:

Land and Homes for sale

Land and Homes for sale
The real estate office - Karpathos island properties presents a lot of properties on the island Karpathos.
Please visit the website - make your dreams come true on the island Karpathos.

Karpathos Diving Center

Tauchen auf Karpathos
A new diving center in Pigadia (PADI), Karpathos - Greece started 2011. You find the new diving center at the end of the harbor.
Discover the magical underwater world and the crystal clear water around the island. For further information about diving use contact e-mail to Dinos Protopapas or visit the new web site here:

Karpathos Diving Center

Hotel Anemoesa - Amopi

Hotel Anemoesa Karpathos
The hotel Anemoesa (studios, apartments) in Amopi was built by the owner with a lot of love for detail. Here everything is really perfect for a wonderful holiday on Karpathos.
More Details of the hotel Anemoesa ....

Diving - Karpathos

scuba diving Karpathos

Dive sport with pressed air is allowed on the island Karpathos - Greece.Note, however, the applicable laws.
A new diving center in Pigadia started 2011.You find the new diving center at the end of the harbor in Pigadia.

Diving - Karpathos

Tauch-Center auf Karpathos
A new diving center was opened 2011 in Pigadia. More information about Diving.

More than sunny beaches

photo Karpathos, Griechenland
Karpathos is one of the most beautiful places in the region of Mediterranean Sea. You will find nice sandy beaches and along the hiking trails you could discover a lot of interesting details.

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Online web-booklet Amoopi

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