Foto von Karpathos, Ostküste
Bilder der Insel Karpathos

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Karpathos has a lot of natural beauties: rocky landscapes over 1.200 meters in the center of the island, sunny sandy beaches, beautiful canyons and many impressive sea views. The sea water around the island is crystal clear and very clean. Under the water you can find a magical underwater world.
In this section you find pictures of nice details.
Karpathos east cost
After a strong storm in March the bay of Apella
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Othos, Piles, Lefkos, Menetes, Messochori ...

Piles, Othos, Menetes, Messochori, Amopi
Very nice villages like Menetes, Othos, Piles or Arkassa with their individual charms and the inherent natural beauty dominate the island.

Apella Beach

One of the best beaches of the island - Apella.
The contrast of blue sea and the clear beach of Apella.