Foto von Karpathos, Ostküste
Bilder der Insel Karpathos

Pictures of Pigadia - the capital of Karpathos

Pigadia - also called Karpathos lays at the south-east end of the island. 3.500 people live in the area of Pigadia. A lot of nice restaurants and bars are situated next to the small harbour. .

Sunset shown in photos

The climate of Karpathos is mild and typical mediterranean, so every evening you will find a fantastic colored light especially near the harbour. Here you can see such pictures of Pigadia in red colored ambience.

Mayor Michalis Ioannidis

Mayor of the island Karpathos, Mr. Ioannidis
The responsible work of the government under the leadership of the mayor Mr. Michalis Ioannidis guarantees a nature based tourism on the island - small beautiful traditional hotels and studios instead of multi-storey buildings or huge resorts. At present the government build the infrastructure for the next years - new asphalt roads, new airport buildings and a new marina.
Mayor of the island Karpathos, Mr. Ioannidis
The Mayor Mr. Ioannidis and the Greek National Defence Minister Evangelos Meimarakis during the ceremony of dedication memorial plaque for a Greek pilot in Pigadia.

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Land and Homes for sale

Land and Homes for sale
The real estate office - Karpathos island properties presents a lot of properties on the island Karpathos.
Please visit the website - make your dreams come true on the island Karpathos.

Karpathos Diving Center

scuba diving Karpathos

Hotel Anemoesa - Amopi

Hotel Anemoesa Karpathos
The hotel Anemoesa (studios, apartments) in Amopi was built by the owner with a lot of love for detail. Here everything is really perfect for a wonderful holiday on Karpathos.
More Details of the hotel Anemoesa ....

Ag. Kiriaki near Pigadia

Ag. Kiriaki - Karpathos
The Chapel Ag. Kiriaki is situated near Pigadia in a pine tree forest.

Diving - Karpathos

Tauch-Center auf Karpathos
A new diving center was opened 2011 in Pigadia. More information about Diving.


Aperi is the former capital of Karpathos and the place of the bishop of Karpathos. [Villages of Karpathos]

Taverna Four Seasons

Taverna Four Seasons
Taverna Four Seasons is situated in Lakki/ Amoopi.
The owner family is very friendly and the meal is good. You should test this restaurant. Restaurant Four Seasons in Lakki. The Taverna Four Seasons is famous for the best bread of the whole island.

Amopi or Amoopi

Amoopi on the island Karpathos
The large bay of Amoopi lays in south east of Karpathos. The small chapel is the landmark of the bay. The region of Amopi is a wonderful place for swimming and snorkeling.

Amoopi beach

Diving - Karpathos

scuba diving Karpathos

Dive sport with pressed air is allowed on the island Karpathos - Greece.Note, however, the applicable laws.
A new diving center in Pigadia started 2011.You find the new diving center at the end of the harbor in Pigadia.