Foto von Karpathos, Ostküste
Bilder der Insel Karpathos

Images - West coast of Karpathos

Westkueste Karpathos
West coast near Arkasa. In the background the village Finiki.

New taverna in Finiki

Westkueste Karpathos
In spring 2009, a new tavern in Finiki opened. The friendly restaurant owner offers many tasty dishes and one of the best greek salad on the island. Must try.
Westkueste Karpathos
Westkueste Karpathos
Sandy beach of Lefkos.
Westkueste Karpathos
Beach - Agios Nikolaos - near Arkasa.

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Karpathos in videos

Videos Karpathos
Here we present the natural beauties of the island Karpathos in excellent High Definition Videos.


Arkassa - Karpathos
Arkassa on the west coast has big waves as the result of the summer wind called - Meltemi.

Land and Homes for sale

Land and Homes for sale
The real estate office - Karpathos island properties presents a lot of properties on the island Karpathos.
Please visit the website - make your dreams come true on the island Karpathos.

Diving - Karpathos

scuba diving Karpathos

Dive sport with pressed air is allowed on the island Karpathos - Greece.Note, however, the applicable laws.
A new diving center in Pigadia started 2011.You find the new diving center at the end of the harbor in Pigadia.